Personalised Motoring provides expert market advice and customised management , including market comparisons, personal liaison with service providers, pick-up and delivery, and on-site inspections, for:

  • Purchasing new or used vehicles
  • Choosing the best insurance options and perfect premiums for your needs
  • Negotiating vehicle and fleet finance to get you the best lending rate, contract periods and residuals
  • Selecting reputable and reliable panel beaters and service centres to attend to your vehicles.

Personalised Motoring solutions is perfectly placed to cater to all vehicle and motoring needs of private vehicle owners, public persona's, government departments and corporate fleets.

Personalised Motoring solutions has indelible relationships with all key players in the motoring industry.  Our management is personally involved in overseeing, quality-monitoring and managing all our clients’ personalised solutions, giving you peace of mind in knowing that the decisions you take are backed by intensive market knowledge and monitoring.Whether your vehicle is a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Landrover, Toyota or Volksie bus – Personalised Motoring solutions will structure the best deal possible