At Personalised Motoring solutions, we invite you to make your problems our solutions!

Come in to speak to our consultants, and we will ensure that you have complete peace of mind in all areas of vehicle care – leaving you with more time to do the things that you really need to.

Founded by Basil Gangaram, Personalised Motoring solutions is based on the experience and learnings of years in the motor vehicle industry.  Basil was part of the first fully BEE-powered BMW dealership in South Africa, and identified first-hand the subtle intricacies and pitfalls that could waylay excited vehicle buyers.

Personalised Motoring tackles motoring products and services from the unique perspective of the customer – not what is best for finance houses, dealerships, service or tow centres, tyre retailers or insurance companies, but what is best for the You, their client.

Our approach is to take away the burden of fighting buyer’s remorse from a deal made in haste, and ensure that every decision you take is backed by sound market analysis and comparison.
We even read the small print – so that you don’t have to!

The best part of our offer to you?  Our services are COMPLETELY FREE.


There is no catch, we have no small print, and we hold you to no contracts or agreements.  Our revenue is generated purely from the advertising exposure and deals we help close with the service providers you finally choose.

From the smallest prang on your vehicle, and trying to choose between panel beaters and follow up with insurance companies, to commercial fleet purchases for large companies and departments – Personalised Motoring solutions will ensure that your interest are always covered.

Whether you’re a multi-tasking parent or CEO of a multinational conglomerate, you no longer have to spend a minute thinking about when or where to have your own car serviced. 
No more endless calls placed on hold while trying to get through to insurance companies or dealerships. 
No valuable weekends spent trawling car dealerships looking for the best deals.

Personalised Motoring offers a solution that takes of all this and more – from coming in to your premises to value your vehicle, to collecting and delivering your car from dealership to door.

This means you remain in the comfort of your office or home, and know that we are sourcing and negotiating the best deals for you.  From vehicle window shopping, to pricing tyres, mag wheels and trade-ins:  Personalised Motoring is your personal shopper and vehicle management company all rolled into one!